Saturday, October 8, 2011

Art Update: Return

Last night I finished and submitted my entry for the art competition (click HERE to see where I started for it)!!!

I have lots of pictures of the artwork in progress that I had intended to post and keep everyone updated as the process went along.  Unfortunately, we've not been very computer fortunate lately.  So a BIG "Thank You!" to my friend, Kathryn, for getting my pictures uploaded for me.  And while I'm doling out the gratitude let's not forget Amy for the recycled wood, Lisa for being willing to try to understand what goes on in my head and always cheering me on anyway, and Chris and the kids for putting up with me this week!

24" x 48" Mixed Media; acrylic, paper, rocks, and sand on wood and plexiglass

Artist Statement
detail images

first detail submitted of "Return"

"Throughout history salmon have been symbols of man’s mortal journey. Starting life in the peaceful, clean waters of their progenitors they are sent forth to the turbulent oceans to mature and eventually return, swimming upstream. Each salmon is naturally compelled to return and as they do their appearances change. They struggle but persevere, using the undercurrents to propel themselves on.

second detail submitted of "Return"

"We are each born with the Light of Christ to guide us back to our Father. Our trials will make us stronger and our countenances will reflect that Light. We are then able to help others recognize that the joy they are naturally compelled to seek after is in the Pure and Living Water, even Jesus Christ."


Roxanne said...

Love this piece!! Good luck in the competition - I would be stunned if you're not in the top group at least!

Truly beautiful Kristal!

Kristal said...

Thanks, Roxanne! Fingers crossed :)

I like the new blog. My husband and I were just talking about taking that leap, which of course has me second guessing everything. Great timing!

Helena said...

Oooh, nice! I like it!

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