Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seek The Higher Ground

I can upload pictures again!  Yay!

Our Stake's Boy Scouts did a week-long priesthood encampment this summer with the theme, "Seek the Higher Ground".  The deacons tented at base camp, the teachers did rock climbing, and the priests did a high adventure canoe trip. This is the cake I made for our ward's Court of Honor following camp.

The BSA emblem is molded and colored white chocolate against a painted cookie (from the back view it is a sun.)  The grass is colored shaved coconut and the canoe is made of rice cereal treat covered in painted fondant.  The boys' hair and white water are made from buttercream icing and EVERYTHING else is fondant.  All the fondant is "marshmallow fondant".

The back side of the cake.

The boys up close.

I'll be posting the others cakes I've done since June shortly!

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