Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday School

Tonight at dinner Elizabeth started singing Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, complete with pauses before "beam" and the usual shout and jump on "beam." It was so cute we all started to sing. I sang, "In ev'ry way try to please . . ." and paused for her to sing "Him" with vigor. Instead I heard Matthew sing, "In ev'ry way try to please ME!"

Above image from the Teletubbies
Below image from James-Rafferty.blogspot

The other day while driving home from the Rec Center Brandon yelled from the back seat, "Why do we have horns?"

My eyes bulged and my heart sank. Where would he hear that? Is he being harassed at the Rec Center? These thoughts and memories of our time in rural Tennessee flashed through my mind. "What?!!" I asked, thinking maybe I had heard wrong.

"Why do we have horns?" came the repeated question just as natural as if he were asking, "Where's the milk?"

"What do you mean? Who has horns?"

"Cars. Why do we have horns in our cars?" Ohhhhhhhhhh.


Tjschoenwald said...

Hahaha...awesome... I totally thought some kid had teased him about the mormon horn thing. Good one Kristal.

Nash said...

That was so funny!
OK, you look so skinny, when I first saw you from the organ I thought, "man, her face is so thin.

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