Friday, June 27, 2008

Warning Signs

Chris and I went on a date tonight. We wanted to try somewhere new for dinner so we looked in our handy, dandy Entertainment book. We jumped in the car and drove here:

A steak house in a strip mall isn't very appealing, but ya never know, right? As walked up to check it out we noticed that ALL the windows, even the door, was covered by closed wooden blinds. Then we noticed this sign on their window:

Hmmmm. We opened the door and apparently looked as out of place as we felt because some older customer returning to his table from the restroom informed us we could "just seat ourselves." Yes, thank you, we saw that message on the white board. Which was about all we could see because it was so dark - too dark.

Just across the parking lot was a gleaming silver diner. So we walked over to:

where we were greeted by this sign:

Now that's different! Chase's was a nice 50's style diner with a very family-friendly environment. They even have Cheerio's to hand out to kiddos while they wait for their food:

They played great 50's music and had table-top jukeboxes, spinning bar stools, and a checker-tiled floor that just makes you happy when you walk in. My dinner was so-so, but Chris had the BBQ sampler and the brisket was D-LISH-US! We will definitely go back for more brisket. With or without the kids.

Lesson learned: always pay attention to the warning signs!


Nash said...

That is pretty funny.
We have our "go-to" restaurants; pei wei, outback, YC's mongolian, tum nak thai, oreganos. We just rotate, but we really like to try new places.
Glad you went somewhere else so you could enjoy your time out.

Jaime said...

Funny post. Those signs are about the randomest I've seen. Sorry, is randomest a word? Sometimes we're all just so glad to get out on an actual date, we'll take just about anything...which reminds me, call the sitter tomorrow...we NEED a date!!!

Krissy said...

lol ... Dude... wonder what THAT place had going on? Probably not too hard to figure out.. lol I'm glad to see the Breastfeeding Allowed sign on the diner's door ... so many places are getting too up in arms over it being done in public. Whhaaaatever. What a cool place, though! (Oh, and YAY for date night! Who babysat??? lol)

Krissy said...

Oh, and do you seriously carry your camera with you everywhere you go? LOL

Kristal said...

Brandon babysat and yes, I do carry my new tiny camera with me everywhere! That's why Chris gave it to me - so I could catch all the funny things the kids do, exciting animals or whatever, WHENEVER & WHEREVER!

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