Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Weight Loss Update

It's been exactly one month since I started my 21 Day Challenge. I feel like I've created some good habits. Last night Family Home Evening ran long so I wasn't able to go to the Rec Center. I thought I was OK with that, but by 9:30 I was just itching to get some exercise! I settled for some planks, push-ups, sit-ups, etc at home and finally felt so much better. I'm aware, however, that if I were to miss even a few day in a row, I would have a hard time getting back into it. As I said in a previous post, I love exercise . . . when I'm already in shape! Now that I'm getting to that point again when it feels so good and invigorating I do NOT want to go back!

I really don't crave sweet things like I used to. I also seem to be better at "thinking" about my choices before eating whatever is placed before me. If I'm going to have something sweet or indulgent, it's got to be the best. I really don't want all the crappy gas station type desserts anymore. Cheesecake Factory, anyone?

I think my stomach has shrunk. Is that possible? However it works, the thought of eating as much as I used to only a month ago makes me queasy. I also enjoy my food more now and, like desserts, don't want to waste what little space I have to fill on no-taste or no-substance foods.

So here are the numbers: Starting at June 1st I weighed 148.8 pounds and had 35% body fat. As of this morning I am 136 pounds with 32% body fat! I wish I had measured my waist so I could see in numbers how much it's changed. I can only say that I will be spending part of today buying new clothes!


AZSMITHS said...

Okay, If you're 136 pounds and still need to loose weight, I'm REALLY in trouble!!

Congrats on the weight loss. That is really cool. As soon as I have this here baby, I'm going to follow your example. (Of course I could start right now by eating better and exercising!!)

Anonymous said...

You rock! You are doing so good! I was 136 when I got married...

Well, I hope you have fun shopping and wish I was coming but it is a circus today and I get to be the ring master/task master. :)

And I cracked up at the "horns"!! Gotta love your kids!

One more thing...I'm not in love with the orange. It is hard for my old eyes to read.

Kristal said...

I'm not too sure about the orange, either to be honest. I like the design and orange is my favorite color but it doesn't "sit right" all put together for me.

But I am sooo tired of my old layout. I'll keep fooling around with it.

Anonymous said...

Now all the sudden I am complaining about your blog? Totally rude!! I'm sorry! :)

But, if you had lettuce in your teeth, or ketchup on your face, I would tell you.

Nash said...

That is fantastic. Will you please rub off on me, I am struggling. I wish that once you started you never slacked again.
I like downeast's tuxedo shirt, super cute. Again, you look great. 12 lbs in one month holy cow.
Seriously, it takes me forever to drop 10 lbs.
I have a hard time running, and it's the best for weight loss I think.
Keep up the good work.

Krissy said...

*sigh* I weighed around 136 when I got married. What I wouldn't give to see that number again. Maybe after some major life altering surgery! lol UGH. Cool background, if I had publisher I might consider it, but for some reason, I can't figure out HTML. Go figure. *rolling my eyes* lol

Kristal said...

Lisa -- OK, is this background better, or what?

Thanks to evryone for cheering me on! It has been a HUGE help! I seriously doubt I would be doing so well without the blog and being accountable to you all.

Krissy -- you don't have to know HTML, that's what so cool!

Edie Keysar said...

You are doing so great-I hope you can eat what we have up here in the canyon! Can't wait to see ya :)!

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