Monday, June 9, 2008

My Five Alarm Workout

We went to the Rec Center tonight and I had a great workout. Afterwards, we stayed a little while and played with the kids. I was in the gym, where all the commotion started.

A boy about Brandon's age was kicking around a soccer ball. He kicked it against a wall and it bounced up and hit a fire sprinkler head, setting it off. Luckily, contrary to what you see on TV, fire sprinklers do not set each other off.

It started spewing black water and that poor boy just about peed himself right there. He ran out of the gym as fast as he could while the murky water stared creeping towards us.

I took the kids out of the gym and figured the staff would just turn off the sprinkler and close off the gym for a while. But then the fire alarm went off. Everyone was ushered out immediately. The fire truck showed up (further scaring the young boy, who now looked like he thought he was going to jail.)

The firemen went in and assessed the situation, then cam back out to the truck. They put their gear on, grabbed a ladder and went back in. The whole Rec Center smelled of . . . I don't know what. Sulphur? Whatever was in that water I suppose.

So, OK, there was no "5 alarm" but my quads are on fire!

* * *

1. A 20 minute jog on the treadmill to warm up before doing a lower body circuit. I'll be sore tomorrow!

2. No cravings today :D

3. Had to grab lunch on the go, so I had a small Jamba Juice (instead of my usual cheeseburger!) and that took care of that.

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