Monday, July 15, 2013

Gettin' Busy

Sometimes the stars align and I get all kinds of domestic all at once.  My July thus far:

Double Flower Hair Clip - kristalcoles.comI got to know a few new friends as we made some hair clips for our girls right before Independence Day.  I found the blue fabric with stars at Walmart for $.99 and thought that would be perfect for the city BBQ and fireworks.

The blue section was made folding a long strip in half length-wise and gathering  (watch a video showing how HERE).

The red section is made with felt using 4 circles, each folded in half and overlapped like box flaps (see step by step how to fold and stitch them HERE, especially Step 3).

Elizabeth loved it, even though I made it a bit large.


Hello Kitty Cake 1 - kristalcoles.comPretty basic Hello Kitty Cake for a cute little girl born on the Fourth of July.

Turns out I don't pipe well.  At all.  Nor have I yet to purchase those ABC cutters for fondant.  So I tried something new with melted pink chocolate.  I placed wax paper over a print out of the message and piped the chocolate onto the wax paper.  It worked perfectly and they peel right off.  You could do any font and get the sizing right every time, every letter!


NationStar Cake - kristalcoles.comThen there was this last minute order for a work party, Independence Day themed, of course.  I really need to get those ABC cutters!  These letters were done using cut sugar paper and then free hand with icing gel.  The cake was blue and white swirl/zebra and red velvet and white swirl/zebra.

The cake was a huge hit and resulted in another order for - guess what?!!  A Hello Kitty cake for next week!


Upcycled Girl's Dress From Men's Shirt - kristalcoles.comRemember way back in January when I turned all the hangers around?  Well, it's time to reap what has not been used for six months and either find a new use for it, toss it, or donate it.  I have lots of my husband's shirts stacked and ready to be put to better use.

Saturday I whipped up this darling dress and matching clip from one of Chris' old dress shirts.  It was absolutely FREE and meets the school's dress code.  Yay!

It was easier than I thought and I didn't even use a pattern.  I was inspired by THIS PIN but ended up making a bodice with skirt style rather than an A-line.

July is half way over and I'm feeling pretty darn industrious!  Hopefully it keeps up - school starts soon!!


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