Friday, January 4, 2013

Do You Celebrate...

...Kings Day?  We do!

It's not traditionally celebrated by Latter-day Saints, at least not in the United States, but our family observes it anyway.  We consider it a part of Christmas.

This is a hold over from my side of the family and our time stationed in West Germany.  Though it has its roots as a religious holiday (I believe Catholics call it The Epiphany) it has also become a secular tradition in many European countries and the Caribbean.  I suppose that's why it stayed with us when we returned to The States, even though we weren't a very religious family growing up.  Now that I am an adult and can appreciate the reverent side of it as well, I think it's even cooler than I did as a kid!

If you've ever heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, this is it!  Retailers would have you believe that it is the 12 days prior to Christmas.  Not so.  The First Day of Christmas IS Christmas.  Count forward 12 days and you land on January 6th, a.k.a. Three Kings Day!

[caption id="attachment_1277" align="aligncenter" width="527"]The gift of gold... The gift of gold...[/caption]

I'm still working on the children's gifts that will end our holiday season.  But those tokens and Rolos will be the "gold".  The tokens go to this:

[caption id="attachment_1278" align="aligncenter" width="416"]The Time Machine: TV/Video Game Time Management Timer The Time Machine: TV/Video Game Time Management Timer[/caption]

Santa was supposed to leave it at Christmas but I think it must've fallen out of his sack.  Good thing the magi are coming!

I'm excited for the other things they are bringing for the kids, too.  But that's all the sneak peak you get until Sunday!

CLICK HERE to see what we did last year and to get your own ideas of what the magi can bring your children.

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