Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fifteen (Not-So-Long) Years and Five Shorts Later

This month Chris and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.  He took me on a local weekend getaway and I LOVED it!  We ate lots of delicious food that was no good for us, went ice skating, and strolled an art fair.  All some of my very favorite things, two of which I hadn't done in a very long time!

Unfortunately I have no pictures from our weekend.  Why?  Because each time I thought I should take a picture to share I became very selfish and decided that I did not want to share Chris or our special time together.  I just wanted to enjoy the rare extended time with him all to myself.

I do, however, have this text he sent me the morning of the day we left.  He had not packed and I was to pick him up at work so it was my privilege to pick out what I'd be looking at all weekend.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="398"]Image Sorry, Chris! I really am NOT making fun of you![/caption]

"Weird," says the confused reader right about now.  "Why would she take a picture of THIS and not any of the fun stuff?!"

This is why.


And this.


Dark blue polo shirt and tan shorts?  Umm, ok.  Which ones?!

I just found this so funny.  Funny enough to take the pictures. So funny because it's so 'Chris'.  I'm aware it is probably incredibly boring for you.  Sorry.  But to me it speaks volumes about my husband. His funny quirks, yes, but also his steadiness and predictability whenever I need it.

Sometimes it just amazes me that we made it this far.  Fifteen years, four children, three states, two houses, and one brother-in-law later (oh, did I mention my brother moved in with us about the same time...helloooooo babysitter!) and this man still is the center of my world!

I still can't believe he picked me! Clearly, the man knows what he likes - at least when it comes to his wardrobe.  Some might say we're in a rut.  Maybe.  And I'm ok with that as long as we're still progressing in our little rut and not standing still.  But I might avoid taking him to Wal-Mart for a while...until we purge the closet anyways!

*Special thanks to my brother, Jason, for staying with the kids so we could celebrate worry-free and apologies to my husband for any embarrassment this caused him.

**UPDATE: So I guess I need to clarify.  I am not saying my husband has bad taste or that he dresses the same way all the time  or that he wears these clothes together all the time.  I just thought it was funny that over the years he had purchased virtually the same shirt at least 6 times and the same shorts 5 times.  I hadn't even noticed until he asked me to pack them.  The man knows what he likes!  It was meant to be nice.  Guess he did't feel that way when he read it and I'm sorry if anyone else also thought I was being mean or making fun :(

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