Monday, June 6, 2011

Turning 5 is the Bee's Knees!

I do not go "all out" for birthdays.  My boys don't usually want a theme and even if they do they usually want to keep it to the invite.  They are all for just a plain cake and time to go crazy with friends.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, has been to a few parties with themes and was itching for her 5th birthday to come around so she could have her first big girl party...theme, games, special cake and all!  In March she got her wish...

Her nickname is Lizzy B, or Lizzy Bee if you will, so that's where we started.  What?  Doesn't every mom create a custom clip art graphic for their child?

Honeycomb-ed it up

to create the perfect Queen Bee outfit, complete with {poorly}homemade black sparkly tutu.

Brandon helped with the welcome.

The party we started by playing musical chairs and darn it if I couldn't find my CD with Flight of the Bumblebee on it!  George Winston's Linus & Lucy filled in just great, though! When someone got "out" they were rewarded with their goody bag,

one for the Queen Bee and six for her friends!

Inside they found something to make them bee-utiful and something for the next game...

"Honeycomb Hopscotch"!

Also in their goody bags was a sandwich bag containing the parts to make a "Buzz-oo".

Then it was time for cake!

You can find the directions for this beehive cake at Family Fun and the recipe for the icing at AllRecipes.

I think everyone had a wonderful time.

Especially Lizzy Bee!


Helena said...

Aww, so cute! Great job on everything! Happy birthday!

Misty said...

That was hands down the cutest party I have EVER seen!!!! And the most creative!!! Bailey talked about it for weeks. And every time she plays with her bean bag she tells me again how fun it was! Seriously - I know where to go for ideas in the future!

Kristal said...

Thanks, Helena and welcome!

Misty, that would be even MORE get to come up with the ideas and not have to get it all done :D Actually I did have fun, but I shouldn't have waited until the last minute!

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