Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Sundaes

Our Primary class filled their CTR jar mid-April so we were able to have our ice cream party on the 24th!

After everyone arrived we had an activity where each child took turns taking a slip of paper from a bowl.  The papers would have examples of activities like, "Take a walk with your family" or "Go shopping", etc.  If the activity described was Sabbath appropriate, they would choose a topping (cherry, chocolate, etc) to put on the good sundae.  If not, they would choose a bad sundae topping (mayo, relish, ketchup, mustard, butter, or soy sauce) to put on the other sundae.

Then we each built on our own yummy ice cream sundaes and learned how "sweet" Sundays can be when we make the right choices . . . and how sour it can be when we don't:

My teaching companion, Lori, and I indulged the kids by taking a taste of the bad choice sundae.

Thank you, (from left to right) Wyatt, Drew, Joshua, Marissa, Kate, Mya (not pictured), and Raegan (not pictured) for making good choices in class!  We love being your teachers!!

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