Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Touch Up Paint & More

I have been spending a lot of time painting the walls of my house lately. I’ve found that Ziploc’s extra-small bowls are a perfectly sized container to carry around while doing the edging. What I like even more is that I can leave the paint in them for touch ups!

Dragging out the gallon {or worse, five gallon!} bucket of paint for a little touch up can be a pain. These see-through, air-tight bowls make the repair quick and easy.

As a bonus, they have also solved my problem of finding a sink stopper {that actually fits and can easily be pulled out} for the garbage disposal.

Or, if you’d rather just use them for food their one cup portions are perfect for calorie counting brown-paper-baggers.  Either way, I find them to be well worth the less than $3 I paid for a six pack!

And no, I was not paid -- or even asked -- to review this product.  I just find them extremly useful and thought you might, too!


Krissy said...

LOL For some reason, I find this post to be extremely hilarious and useful all at the same time. LOL

Kristal said...

:) That's how I roll - ridiculously helpful. LOL

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