Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring is for Growing {Children}

We've been so busy lately.  Thankfully, it's the kind of busy that I love!  The kids are involved in their own things and discovering their own interests and personalities.  It's been so fun watching them and seeing how much they've changed just in the past month or so.

Brandon had his first overnight campout with the Scouts.  He returned with a scratch across his face, a nickname {Scarface} to go with it, and a SQUEAKY VOICE.  He's growing up way too fast!  I could tell he had a blast even though he was exhausted.  He actually did smile for me, but this shot said it all:  tired, pre-teen boy begrudgingly allows smothering mom to take way too many pictures for "manly" campout.

Sam has been practising hard for baseball this year.  He is in the Majors division and, even though he is the smallest on his team {again}, he was chosen to be team captain for the first game.  He was then given the game ball afterwards, sort of a MVP award for the game.  He made a lot of great plays from his second base position!   He also just earned his Bear award in Cub Scouts and is in the fourth grade Academic League at school.

Matthew has been a reading machine.  He read this 174 page, 3rd grade level {he's only six!} book in 2 afternoons!  All the boys LOVE the Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Dave Pilkey and Jeff Kinney, respectively.  These books totally fit his personaliy as our family comedian and overall goofball.

Elizabeth just got her first bike.  Our neighbor found it, fixed it up, and brought it over for her.  He even had put pink and purple streamers in the handlebars.  A soon as she discovered those could come out she spent an entire day in the backyard prentending to be a cheerleader.  It was so cute!  She's been all about princesses and all things girly, especially when it comes to utilizing her new hairclips from her birthday.  Apparently, it's just not enough for one or two at a time.  Maybe I shouldn't, but I do let her go out in public like that.  I just think it's so adorable how she's discovering her own likes and "style".


Tjschoenwald said...

Oh my gosh Kristal! Your kids are so grown up!!! I cant wait to see them this summer!!!

Nash said...

they are all getting so big. i will let you know when we head out to maricopa, it's been awhile.
kennedy does look diff in the easter pics, i think it's the angle, she looks semi chubby in a way which she isn't. go figure?

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