Friday, October 17, 2008

Look Up!

Hey you! Do you see that sticky at at the top of my blog titled "PLEASE READ AND FORWARD!"? Do ya?

Well, why don't ya? Read 'em! Think it's important? {The correct answer is, "Yes, Kristal, I think this is very important!"} Then move it along, eh?

And, yeah I know I make it hard to copy and paste from here. Just email me at KristalsBlog @ (no spaces) and I'll get you what you need! I could use the full inbox anyways...feeling a little comment withdrawal here.

**As of Oct 20, 2012 this blog has moved to and my email has changed to


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Hey hun!
I'm not ignoring you! I'm here!
I'll be glad to post your post! It is important...I agree!
So, here's some loving for you! :-)

Wendy said...

I feel lonely when I don't get comments either!! by the way, we went to arizona the last 3 winters to do the celebration of fine arts, have you heard of that
(I am assuming you live in arizona cause your profile says valley of the sun!!)

Mother Goose said...

came from purple diva's blog! neener neener!

nah just kidding! LOL, i like your sense of humor. I am the goose and trust me, you don't want Goose for dinner. :P

Anonymous said...

ia ma glad you are posting about those! they really ARE very important!!!! i will forward them things on my blog, too!!!!!

rock on sista!

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