Sunday, October 19, 2008

7 Things About Me

November 2000, Bear River Lodge in Utah

1. I am 30 years old and have moved 30 times. I have not served a mission or gone away to college - those are all actual pack-up-everything-you-own, change-your-address moves.

2. I had 5 wisdom teeth.

3. They only came in when I was pregnant (2 sets, one for each of my first two pregnancies).

4. I not only grew teeth when I was pregnant; I also grew an inch {in height, wise guy!}

5. My husband's name is Chris. Mine is Kristal. We will not be naming any of our children Christian, Christine, Kristina, etc. Well, maybe a Chris Jr, but that's different!

6. I like the smell of skunk, gasoline, and horse manure. Don't ask me why. I think I read that it's a sign of genius.

7. I pick up people's accents when I talk to them. Then I wonder if they thought i was making of them. Why do I do this? Refer to number 1, y'all {yous guys, eh, ayuh}

I was tagged by CJ, the Purple Diva!

The seven lucky people I tag are:

1. Nicole, Kim, and Natalie (3 awesome sisters-in-law that I'm counting as one because their blogs are all private and you wouldn't have much fun linking to a Blogger notification :D )
2. Wendy at Going Incognito (my new friend I'd like to get to know better)
3. Kaci at Ellyphant (another new friend I'd like to get to know better)
4. Jaime (one of Chris's super-cool cousins; I really did marry into the best family!)
5. Shanda (my friend that has been on vacation and I'm so glad she's back!)
6. Sarah (my friend that said she wanted to be able to blog more - well, here ya go!)
7. Edie (my mom! who doesn't update her blog enough)


Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I was looking through your blog and found it interesting, I have an art blog here in San Diego, and would like
to become your friend.

Are you up to it? I hope so and I hope you will visit my site and comment. take care

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

WOW! These were cool! I love the picture of you and how you did the little writing on it! that's so rad! you are one cute little chickie!
explain the 30 moves in 30 years. running from someone or just love to clean out your closets? :-)

Jaime said...

Ahhh...thanks for picking me! My favorite number is four, maybe that can be one of my random facts! I have a LOT to catch up on with you & the blog! I'll be home Wednesday & I'll start thinking of my random facts so watch for it!!

Anonymous said...

kristal! that is awesome! i am soooo glad she tagged you!!!!! i love getting to know you better!!!!!! ♥

Wendy said...

fun! I'll have to do it in a day or two!!

Kristal said...

I moved so much because my dad was in the Army and Chris and I tend to up and move whenever and wherever the Spirit prompts us - yet another joy of being self-employed with an internet business!

Kaci said...

Ooooo I'll so do this...I think I've done something similar but eh whateva I'll do it again! :)

Krissy said...

lol ... That's awesome. I still, TO THIS DAY, always remember when you would giggle about hearing Rueben say "Roight. Roight" .... LOL

And how about me connecting you to other bloggers? How awesome AM I???!?!?! lol Yeah yeah. Ok.

Nash said...

oh i am so bad at these. i will do it, just have to think up some good ones.
i feel bad i keep meaning to talk to you at church and never get a chance.
so i want to learn how to photoshop. is it hard?
i need to get active again. seriously lacking motivation. have felt horrible the last week, should end this week, I hit #12, right?

Mother Goose said...

this was fun getting to know you better! oh my goodness 5 wisdom teeth??? !

Whitney R said...

Oh no. You like SKUNK smell?! So many skunks get clipped around here and will sit on the side of the road for days and days before someone (fish and game, I believe) picks it up. Ewww...

I want a list of your 30 places you lived!

Kristal said...

30 homes in 30 years (actually 27 years!)

1.Born in Alaska
2.El Paso, TX
3. Killeen, TX
4. Erlangen, W. Germany
5. New Hampton, NH
6. Rumny, NH
7. Warren, NH
8. Meredith, NH
9. Laconia, NH
10.Meredith, NH
11.Laconia, NH
12.Meredith, NH
13.Meredith, NH
14.Elizabethton, TN
15.New Orleans, LA
16.Meredith, NH
17.Bristol, NH
18.Meredith, NH
19.Manchester, NH
20.Nashua, NH
21.New Orleans, LA
22.Provo, UT
23.Provo, UT
24.Orem, UT
25.Orem, UT
26.Bountiful, UT
27.Salt Lake City, UT
28.Elizabethton, TN
29.Watauga, TN
30.Where I am right now, AZ (We've been in this house 3 yrs - wowza!)
31.???? We ope to buy a home in te next few months and STAY THERE for a long time!

Nicole said...

Kristal, your blog is definitely one of my favorites!!! You're a great writer, something I could definitely be better at! I loved reading the seven things about you.

Kaci said...

Okay I did it go check it out Rock Star!

Wendy said...

I am still going to do your post, just been SO busy lately!!
by the way, I loved your comment, I didn't even realize it until you called me on it, the pee toy, the good in bed blog and the button on the side! my husband was out of town so maybe I missed him, HAHA!

Adam said...

Skunk, gasoline and horse manure a sign of genius? I'm guessing whoever said that smelled too much of all 3 and didn't get enough oxygen to the brain. Yikes.

Kristal said...

Yeah, you're probably right Adam :D

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