Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hair Tips

Girls, we all know how important a great 'do' is. Here Elizabeth gives you tips on accessorizing a short hair cut:

Step 1: Get a hair 'cut.' {It's all the rage among the toddler set this fall!}

Step 2: Dress it up, real pretty-like. Get help, if needed.

Step 3: Smile! Everything looks better when you've got a smile!

Step 4: Insert appropriate 'clips.' This season look for accessories that are multifunctional and industrial looking. Staples are especially hot this year!

This article brought to you by the backyard swing . . .


Edie Keysar said...

Oh Mom!, you have such a great sense of humor!! Did she have help getting the new "do" or did she do it all by herself?

Kristal said...

She had a little accidental help from Matthew and the neighbor. I hate watching toddlers walking around near swings, always gives me heebie it will even more I guess :D

On the positive side, the staples are in just the right spot that I can put her big flower clip in her hair and it covers them.

Anonymous said...


poor little thing!!!!

i hope she heals up really quickly!!!

{cute story line, by the way!}


i like those Orange & Black wrapped candies that only come out on Halloween, too!!! :) ♥

Krissy said...

Kristal!!! OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Elizabeth, she looks like she was a trooper about it though! lol Some spoiling to make it all better is in the near future, I presume? LOL :)

Nash said...

WOW! I love the staples.
They are a "must have" in our family as well.
She looked like a trooper. What was with the wrap all the way around the head? Was that before or after the staples?
So, She is definitely giving you some trouble these days? YIKES!
Do you think your husband would sub one more time for me on the organ? For the 12th, I will be driving home that day. I appreciate everyone stepping in. I have been gone forever it seems.

Kristal said...

The wrap was to hold on a gauze pad with lidocaine gel to numb it up before she got the staples.

She did great! Didn't even cry for the first 2, and only on the 3rd cuz the Dr figured she was so tough, might as well get it in there good.

I forwarded your request to Chris :D

Our Four Sons said...

Can you believe I haven't had any stitches on my boys yet...knock on wood! She looked like she was pretty tough through it though.

Shauna said...

Ouch! Give her a hug from me! Hope it heals up soon :)

Kristal said...

Dory, believe it or not, NONE of the boys has ever had stitches, staples, or broken bones - just Elizabeth! Go figure.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

Oh poor little Elizabeth!
It's too cute how you made this a funny post! With it all be a new style and all!
It's one style I think I want to skip! I am glad to know you know how to make it all better!

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