Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have loved this store for a long time. Their clothes make me happy, they have awesome accessories, and their prices allow me to take home a lot! Unfortunately, they don't have a website you can shop on and living close enough to one has been hit or miss. . .until now!

A new strip mall was just finished near our home and the first sign is up. It's a CATO! The rumor (as told to me by an employee at another location) is that this store will be opening around the end of this month! I was so excited just to see the sign that I checked out their website and discovered that they already opened one a little closer to me a few months ago. It's still further than I would typically want to drive. But since I no longer fit in my old clothes very well and we have a family reunion next week, I made the drive and came home with these:

shirt; originally $9.99, clearanced to $4.99
capri pants; originally $15.99, on sale for $11.99

skirt; originally $19.99, clearanced to $5.99

dress; originally $29.99, marked down to $14.99

* * *

Thanks for taking my pictures, Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Awesome deals! You look marvelous. The pictures were fun. I wish I had a great camera and could take a class in photography.

Edie Keysar said...

You are so beautiful! Can't wait to go shopping with you.

Nash said...

You look great!
You are welcome to come VT on thursday. Was it at 10?
Sorry I didn't call back.

Tjschoenwald said...

You look great Kristal!! Way cute clothes!

Stephanie said...

Those clothes are so cute! I wish we had this store by us! I can't afford to shop anymore.

Stephanie said...

Do I really have to see you next week when you're totally skinny, and I still have my baby fat?

You look great! I don't know how you did it...I have no will power when it comes to food!

Kristal said...

Yeah right, I saw your pictures . . . You look so good! My youngest is over 2 and I still have a baby pouch (even after losing weight!)

I can't wait to get up there and hang out with you again!

Krissy said...

LOVE that dress!!! You look so skinny! You hot mama. Adore Catos! (is there one in Johnson City? I only know of the one here in Elizabethton..)

Jaime said...

CUTE! And awesome prices --wish we had one! Oh and PS you look great!

Kristal said...

Thanks for all the compliments!

Krissy - Yes, JC has one:
Wal-Mart Supercenter
3101 West Market Street
Johnson City, TN 37604

And funny thing about the dress...I was at Ross this week and saw the same exact dress marked DOWN TO $19.99, but it had a London Times label poorly sewn in where the CATO label should've been. Hmmmmm....

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