Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grand Adventures

We had a blast visiting my parents at the Grand Canyon's north rim over the holiday. We saw lots of mule deer, some wild turkeys, Kaibab squirrels, and four California condors (which are very rare)!

While we were there Grammie & Grampa still had to work but they had some time to show us a few things including Point Royal, Angel's Window, and Bright Angel Point. I think we all enjoyed Harvey Meadow the most. We went there a few times to explore the cave {Rock Cabin}, catch grasshoppers, and even to read.

Brandon finished the requirements for his Bear badge at the canyon and Sam did quite a bit of work on his Wolf badge. All three boys earned their Grand Canyon Jr. Ranger badges, much to the chagrin of Grampa who still needs to attend a ranger talk to earn his.

The kids did well, but our anxiety was pretty high whenever we were near the canyon edge. Especially mine since I have a fear of heights. {On a side note, it was at Bright Angel Point that I discovered this in 1997 while Chris and I were dating.}

The kids also had the camera most of the time. And that is why it has taken me a week to go through the hundreds of photos and post them. It's also why we were not able to photograph the condors we saw as we left the canyon or get pictures at Cliff Dwellers on the way home -- our battery was dead.


Tjschoenwald said...

"Dont tease me! Dont tease me!" So cute... I cant wait to see her. I cant believe how much she has grown and how much she is talking! See you guys in a week!

Anonymous said...

You are the best scout Mom!!! I bet your kids are Eagle scouts when they are 14!

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