Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It'll Poke Your Eye Out!

WARNING: Before viewing the following pictures, read HOW to view them HERE!

Cool, huh?
There's no end to things you can find on the Internet to waste your time! Say what? You want to try taking stereo pictures {3D pictures}, too? Read Nick Creek's tutorial and start shooting.

* * *

On a side note, there's your first pictorial proof of how well the 21 Day Challenge is going for me! I've lost about 8 lbs. since Day 1 (and about 24 lbs. since our trip to Hawaii last August!)

I spent the day at the pool resulting in some pretty haggard hair and red eyes {hence, the sunglasses!} Not quite sure why Chris let me pull such a quirky *tough guy* face for that last set ;P

1. I'm getting off the computer right now to do some upper body work here at home!

2. All that sun also resulted in a pretty bad sunburn. As it developed and my skin warmed up, those frozen chocolate eclairs I mentioned in an earlier post sounded sooooo good. And it was! Just enough chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth and keep me from running to the Circle K.

3. No SmartOnes tonight. I've been craving Sloppy Joe's so we had that. I had one and kept the filling to a reasonable amount. If you knew how many/much I used to eat you'd be impressed at my improvement!


Jaime said...

You guys are so funny! 24 pounds??? That so awesome, good job!

Nicole said...

Love the 3D pictures, way cool. And congratulations on losing the weight! You're an inspiration to me! Keep up the hard work, you're doing great!!!

azsmiths said...

Well, I think you're doing great! I have to say that you don't need to worry about your sweets feeling left out (now that you have discarded them). I'm picking up the slack very well!

In my first trimester sweets made me sick. Now... we'll we've become very good friends. But the bad thing is that now I blame my size on the baby...It's growing bigger right?

Well, I'll have to follow your example so that when I do have this baby, the baby weight will be gone instead of stuck to my stomach and hips!!

I think I'll pull out the treadmill again!

Anonymous said...

OOwwww. I have eyestrain!

LOL. Just kidding. You should try the healthy request fudge bars. Green box, 100 cals, get them at Costco. My favorite treat even if I am not losing.

The Farmer's Wife said...

THANK YOU for telling me about those book-publishing sites!

Really! I am SO motivated to start publishing family books.....this is awesome! YAY, I have something new and constructive to focus my energy on. Thank you, thank you.

The Farmer's Wife said...

That tricky photo thing is cool! It reminds me of the blurry pictures that were so popular in the 90's....I didn't realize you could do it with a photo!

Congrats on your challenge!

Dana said...

I have an affinity to chocolate as well and have found this smoothie to help "curb" it:
1 cup chocolate soy milk
1 "plop" of peanut butter (to taste)
1 banana
handful of ice cubes.

Taste reminds me of a reese peanut butter cup.

oh, I am visiting you blog from farmerbrannon blog. Thanks for mentioning those book sites too - I was up to 12am working on one.

Krissy said...

that's awesome.. lol You crack me up... I think maybe Chris was intimidated by your tough guy look cause you'd beat him up if he said anything! HA! lol

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