Saturday, May 10, 2008

Girls' Night

Last night was our ward's (a.k.a. "our church's") annual Father & Son Camp-out which means it was also our annual Girls Night. Now that Elizabeth is a little older I decided to invite my friend, Lisa, and some of her daughters over to watch Hairspray, paint our nails, and fold laundry (just 'cause they were gone doesn't mean I necessarily got a "vacation." See #'s 7 & 9 in the link.)!

While we waited for our friends to arrive Elizabeth dressed up, we ate dinner, colored princess and Barbie pictures, and turned up the radio and danced. Okay, we held hands and jumped in circles. But to Elizabeth, that's dancing.

After Lisa left and Elizabeth went to bed I stayed up and watched a true chick-flick, 27 Dresses, without sarcastic, cynical husband commentary.

I was still in goofy-girl-mode when I woke up this morning and got all pretty and dressed up to go to the temple to see a sealing, and, therefore, even more wedding dresses! I love being a girl!

But the best part may be that when the boys all came home, this is what they looked like:


Kristal said...

The picture of Matthew does NOT do justice to what they looked like. They were absolutely filthy, and looked so tired that I thought they might fall asleep standing! LOL!

Edie Keysar said...

My thoughts exactly! Dad says Matthew has the look of "I concoured the out-door world, where's dinner?"

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of Elizabeth! I wish I would have come back for the "girl" movie. My girls LOVED playing over. Thanks for having us!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Cute pictures!

Explain to me why the father-son camp out was over Mother's Day weekend.

It looks like you had some fun girly time, though.

Kristal said...

Apparently the proper name of the event was "Father & Son Priesthood Commemoration." So tey wanted it this month but we had stake conf. last wkend, graduation is next week, etc.

Just wait until Father's Day, though. Girls' Camp will be the Sat through Wed (including Father's Day!) Oh, well, it's all good (you have to say that with an accent to make it sound cool...)

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