Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sick & Tired

I wanted to post something here every few days. I thought this would help motivate me to work on my art more, even if just putting some quick doodles in my sketchbook. If not that, I had hoped that I would pay better attention to the minutia of life so I could count my many blessings and share them.

Of course, I still have a lot to learn about creating a blog. So last week I sat for quite a while "playing" with my new blog: trying to upload The Gallery; resizing The Gallery; looking at all the thousands of template options offered by another site. . .


My computer had been hit. Viruses and SpyWare galore. Our computer Dr. (thanks Russ!) did his best and got rid of most of it. Unfortunately, some SpyWare still remains that is activated when I go online and wreaks havoc on my system all over again.

So if you're wondering where I've been, now you know.

Open wide and say, "Ahhh. . ."


Paul Coles said...

Sorry Kristal. That sucks about your computer. Its pretty hard to avoid getting nailed with some of those viruses though when you're on the internet enough. I suppose its a lot like getting sick for real; if you're around enough people its bound to happen. I like the blog, it looks great and I especially like your flashy gallery. We might have to commision you to paint us something :)

Kristal said...

I would love to paint you something! I'm working on a pencil portrait of Pres. Monson right now. I'll have it finished by next weekend and up on the blog.

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