Sunday, January 6, 2013

Words of Wisemen

Happy Three Kings Day!  The children found their gifts under the tree this morning, each with a scripture and note.

Wisemen -

For GOLD they received Rolos and tokens for our new video game timer.  Their note reminded them that gold is a gift meant for royalty and that they are children of a King.  They were instructed to use their time wisely as it is it more precious than gold.

Frankincense - kristalcoles.comFor FRANKINCENSE each of their notes reminded them that Christ came as a prophet, priest, and savior and that they should look to Him.  Elizabeth received a butterfly finger puppet with a reminder that we all require change.  Matthew, a snake finger puppet, with a reference to Moses' brazen serpent representing Christ.  The older two boys were given book lights with cards naming Christ as the Light of the World.

Myrrh - kristalcoles.comFor MYRRH they each were given a personalized t-shirt with designs created with bleach.  The note read, "Even more effectively than bleach removes dye, Christ's atonement can remove our sins."


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