Friday, December 9, 2011

Matthew: The Rock Star!

What a great week we've had at the Coles' home this week!  After the good news on Tuesday about the art competition Matthew and I went to the Cub Scout's mother/son etiquette dinner.  They did this last year with Sam and I love that they were doing it again.  Not only did they learn proper dining etiquette, but waltzing, too!

Matthew was such a great date!

Ugh.  Not the most flattering photo, but it's the only one that didn't turn out like this:

Notice he didn't even need to watch his feet!

And then today was the school spelling bee, of which I was only informed he would be in yesterday.  I gave him a bit of a hard time about the short notice and told him I wasn't sure I could make it.  I'm so glad I did because...


 Matthew being rushed by all the students after the bee was over.  I'm one proud momma!!

The bee was for grades 3-5.  Matthew is a 'young' (birthday in August) third grader and he beat everyone else in the whole school!  He'll go on to compete in the district sometime next month.  I had just enough time to run to the store and grab a "You Rock" balloon and some candy before school got out.  I took it to the school and everyone was cheering at him and chanting, "This boy rocks!"

His classmates then nominated him to be the Coyote of the Day.  It's so nice to see him shine on all his own without his older brothers overpowering him or his little sister stealing the attention.  Matthew,

Y O U    R O C K!

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