Monday, June 14, 2010

"Father & Sons" 2010

Last month Chris and the boys headed out with the other men and boys from our stake for the annual Father and Sons Campout.  This happens each May in LDS stakes all over the US (maybe the world, but I really don't know) to commemorate the Restoration of the Priesthood.

I asked Chris to take the camera this year since this would be Brandon's last year without the priesthood (he turns 12 in October.)  But I should've known better.  Father and Sons campouts are a time where boys big and small can just be . . . gross, dirty, curious, competitive, stinky, loud . . . in a word - BOY-sterous.  So of course I only got a few obligatory "smile for your mother" shots from when they set up camp and none of them actually doing anything.

Nevermind that they leave me every Mother's Day weekend to do this camp.  Or that I'm the one that packed everything and Chris gets the "cool parent" credit for the weekend.  Or that I made them two dinners each to take for a one night trip with three different kinds of homemade cookies!  Or that I'm the one that had to wash all the nasty clothes when they got home. 


that stuff because I
 ♥ love ♥
all of it.


Edie Keysar said...

Next year why don't you come see your Mother on that weekend!!!

Kristal said...

Because they're usually only gone about 18 hours and just the driving to get to you and back is 12!! But maybe that would be a good weekend to meet in Flagstaff for a night ;P

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