Saturday, March 13, 2010

Art Update - Brothers Hand in Hand Forever

Here's the finished product for the Hensley family!  Mixed media collage/assemblage on 30 x 24 inch board. 

Jen gave me a few head shots of the boys and asked for a sketch of them with the words, "Brothers Hand in Hand Forever" on it - but not big like a title, etc. - and that they be holding hands.

It evolved into a heavily textured piece with the boys sketched out onto five planks of balsa wood and tissue paper with charcoal and the words repeated in several different fonts in the background.

Unfortunately, as I always end up saying, I am NOT a photographer.  My photos never seem to show how the paintings really turned out.  This photo's colors are a bit more severe than the actual painting nor does the photo show all the cool grunge detail very well.  But I am very happy with how it turned out and am loving playing around with this new style.

1 comment:

Tjschoenwald said...

Holy beautiful Kristal! You are amazing!

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