Friday, May 29, 2009

Thems the Breaks - Smile Anyway

Last week I had some time to blog and started going through my pictures to see what I wanted to share. But then I became overwhelmed by how much I have let go by; Sam's championship baseball game, moving into a new home, Sam's birthday, Brandon's orchestra concert, some pictures of the kids playing...

And so I posted nothing.

I began to wish something big would happen so I could have an exciting post that wasn't about catching up.

Be careful what you wish for.

Friday, May 22, as I pulled into our driveway Chris told me to get straight into his car - we were going to the ER. Elizabeth had jumped from a window sill (indoors and only 2 feet high) and twisted in the air, landing on her arm. Sam said he heard a "pop" and her arm quickly swelled.

So off we drove to the ER, about 30 minutes away.

Chris made her a sling. She was actually in a pretty good mood while waiting at the ER.

She liked riding on my lap in a wheelchair to go get x-rays. See how it's bent in the middle of the forearm?

Luckily, the breaks are very small fractures. I really couldn't see them at all on the x-ray. This is about where they pointed to, but probably not exactly where they are broken (just in case you were squinting trying to see the fractures - and you know you were.)

After the x-rays we waiting a L O N G time for someone to tell us what was going on. Elizabeth became very restless and decided she wanted me to record her. She is such a ham!

The PA splinted her arm and she got a new sling.

Yesterday, May 28, she got her cast. She thinks it's pretty cool and was so excited to show her brothers! The lollipop wasn't too bad, either.

Chris said that she hid her arm behind her when they got home and yelled for the boys to "come see what I got!" He went back to the car to get something and when he returned about a minute later her cast was already done up in signatures.

When I got home she proudly showed it off and said, "It says: Lizzy B's arm is hurt," while scrolling her finger along the boys' names.

Man, that girl makes me S M I L E.


Edie Keysar said...

She sure makes me smile alot too :) Tough as nails your kids are!

Krissy said...

she can make ANYONE smile! I am so sad I haven't been around to see her grow up. (Or any of your kids for that matter!) I'm back baby!!! lol :D

AZSMITHS said...

Don't you love when you move and something like this happens, you have to find Dr. right away!! Kamary broke her leg 2 days before we moved from Indiana to Utah (she was 2). I have to say though, Elizabeth's pink cast is very stylish!!

The Harrold's said...

OMG. Well I hope it isnt Lily's turn next, kinda like with her one personal hair cut. (yours first then mine.. ya know?) Anyway, hope your new house is coming together and everyone is happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi-Ya! I think that will be the new way to end every run!

Hated having a cast! Total pain! But she does look cute in it.

Nicole said...

I'm impressed with how well she did! She's one tough little chica. She is so cute, I can't wait to see you all!!

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