Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Travel Log

For our anniversary in November we spent a night at Camp Verde and saw Montezuma's Castle and Montezuma's Well (which happens to be a cenote!) the next day.

Eleven years {fatter and} happier! Man, that sun is bright.

Montezuma's Castle Ruins

Cliff dwellings in the walls of Montezuma's Well

Montezuma's Well

Later that month I was able to have a short visit with my parents in northern Arizona. We went shopping {an all-day event when you live two hours from any town!}, toured the Glen Canyon Dam, and my father and I hiked to Supai Tunnel in the Grand Canyon.

Standing on the dam.

At the bottom, looking up. I just really liked this photo.

The bridge crossing the canyon. Why do these things always looks so much cooler in life?

See all that green at the bottom? That's grass...mowed and everything! It keeps the sand foundation from blowing away.

My last Grand Canyon hike of the year. It's all covered in snow now!

I love hiking with my dad!


Things that made me smile:

Harry Potter's Firebolt on display inside the Glen Canyon Dam? It sure seemed funny at the time.

Got denim?

Warring breads, shelved back-to-back - where's the peace-keeping Swiss Rye?

I saw four of these! So many questions . . .

The maintenance workers at the dam rode through the dam on these bikes. I think I want one!

The turbines inside the dam. Sorry, but the artist in me was just FASCINATED by all the symmetry, lines, and colors. I really did smile.

Missed my kids . . . but only a little.


Kaci said...

WOW!! Awesome pics chic!

Mother Goose said...

wow, very interesting! I loved all of it!

Edie Keysar said...

Great pictures honey. And Dad has even more denim shirts!

The Harrold's said...

Wow. Thats is awesome! The pictures are amazing so if it looks better in life...I cant imagine how wonderful it really is.

Anonymous said...

I liked those "dam" pictures. ;).

Ashley said...

Those are such great pictures! I love traveling, I'm totally addicted to it, so I love seeing anything like this!

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