Monday, December 8, 2008

Teach the Children

For family night we read the story where Santa asks the storyteller to, "Teach the children..." and proceeds to go through the symbols used in Christmas and what their religious meanings are.

After the story I asked the children if they learned something new about Christmas.

Sam said, "I learned Christmas trees are evergreens because they are always green and Heavenly Father always loves us."

Brandon said, "I learned what the colors of Christmas are for."

Matthew said, "I learned Santa is real."

Then we watched Christmas movies and enjoyed popcorn, candy, and peanut butter cookies.


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

OH goodie! That means I get my list filled! ♥

Krissy said...

Domestic indeed! lol :D You wanna come here and fix me? lol

Edie Keysar said...

Hurray for Matthew! So glad he still believes.

AZSMITHS said...

That sounds like a fun Family Night. What was the name of the story you read?

Dori said...

We spent an evening last week watching some classic Christmas movies. It was so fun to do that with the boys. I really like teaching the kids the symbols of's a good reminder for me too

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