Monday, November 3, 2008


A few months ago I was doing the nightly routine of getting everyone to bed and picking up the aftermath of the evening. From our bedroom I heard Chris start playing the keyboard, something he doesn't get to do nearly enough. In case you don't know, Chris has a talent for music composition and writes nearly all the songs he plays.

I don't remember now, but it was probably a hard night with the kids because that's usually what prompts him to start playing - to unwind.

I started to get upset. "Why am I the one out here battling the kids to bed and cleaning when I've been doing this all day? It must be nice to get time to yourself!" I fumed to myself. I opened the door to our room and melted at this sight:

"You are so sincere

You make me laugh and calm the fear

Right from my heart

The only thing I have to say

I thought from the start

When I first saw you

I would give the world away for you

I would give anything to be with you

As I look into your eyes

I see the morning sunrise

Let me hear your voice and see you smile

Once in a while

Just once in a while"

Of his songs that have lyrics, most were written by his younger brother, Adam, and then Chris added the music later. This is one he wrote the music and words to himself.

Chris wrote this before we met - for another girl. He only went on one date with her and can't remember her name now. But I still love the song. And I love that he sang it to Elizabeth.

I really do love this man.


Edie Keysar said...

See he really can be a "romantic man"! What a coinsidence, Dad found the perfect card for our anniversary this year. The words in the card are very similar to this song.

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

OH HOW SWEET! That melted my heart!

Mother Goose said...

oh my gosh! i love it! i love a man who can play and sing! how sweet and how lucky

Krissy said...

Have I mentioned how much I just adore you guys? *sigh* Dang it Kristal, why'd you LEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAVVVE MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??!?!?!?

Adam said...

I should photocopy everything and send it your way. That way Chris can increase the number of old songs he plays since I'm sure he only remembers like 15 to 20 off the top of his head. And I think the girls name was Karen Knight. See if that rings a bell for Chris. Oh, and you and Chris should get on already. Most of the family and half the world is on there. Chris' old friends from 4th ward are popping up on there now too. There are some great old pics of Chris out there.

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