Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pop-Up Book Tutorial; The Brother of Jared

Last Sunday I used this art project to teach the lesson of the Brother of Jared to my Valiant 10 class. If you would like to use it, please just be sure to give credit somewhere (just a "by Kristal C. Coles" will do) as this is copyrighted. I would also suggest pre-cutting and assembling everything to the point where the children can just decorate the pages and add the stickers.

The Brother of Jared
by Kristal C. Coles
Mahonri Moriancumer was the Brother of Jared
He lived near the Tower of Babel.
New languages were to be heard
And to avoid it, no one was able.

He asked the Lord to save his language
And to keep his family together,
The Lord replied, “Prepare for a voyage,
And be faithful, obedient forever.”

He was told to build barges that would be sealed up tight
And across the vast ocean they’d travel.
“But how will we see, how will we have light?”
Jared’s brother to the Lord did marvel.

He saw the Lord’s finger sixteen stones touch alight
Jared’s brother then nearly fainted.
Christ revealed his body to Moriancumer’s sight
And said, “In my image you were created.”

The Brother of Jared showed great faith in the Lord
And was blessed to see more than His hand.
He was faithful and true to every last word
And was led to the promised land.

The Brother of Jared to the Lord did heed
And the Lord did show him the way –
We are also guided in every deed
As we listen to Him and obey.

Materials Needed:

1/2 sheet of any color construction paper (seen here as yellow)
1/2 sheet of blue construction paper
1/2 sheet of green construction paper
1/2 sheet of black construction paper
scrap construction paper
1 full sheet of sticker paper
hole punch
glue stick

Print the Brother of Jared Art Page onto the sticker sheet. It should take up the whole sheet. Follow the directions on the page for preparing the clip art. (updated 6/17/2010: a printable version of the clip art page is now available on my Printables page.)

Brother of Jared Art Page:

Stack the construction paper as shown and fold in half to make the book.

Remove the yellow piece. Make two cuts along the fold of the three remaining pieces about 1 inch long. Open each piece that was cut and fold the middle in as shown. When the paper is folded closed it will look as though there is a notch missing. When opened it will look like a step.

Cut the "step fold" of the green and blue papers down the middle. Fold the resulting flaps on the green paper to the OUTSIDE and the blue flaps to the INSIDE.

Carefully layer the blue and green papers so the flaps lay open and against each other. Keeping the flaps flat and open, stack all four pieces in their original order: yellow, green, blue, and black. Staple twice along the fold, creating a book.
Glue the yellow and blue together, the green and black together, the black and green together, and the blue and yellow together so that your eight page book becomes a four page book.

Tape the blue/green flaps together so they again create a step fold.

Color the tower and glue it to the bottom half of the first page's step fold.

Draw and color any extras you want on your first page and place the cloud and text stickers.

Repeat with the hand, stones, and text stickers for page 2.

Repeat with the text and barge stickers for page 3.

Write the title (and author, please!) on the cover and you're done!
If you need me to email you the Brother of Jared Art Page, please email me a request at And please leave a comment or email me if you use this. I would love to see your pictures, too!  (updated 6/17/2010: a printable version of the clip art page is now available on my Printables page.)


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME! You are SOOOO talented! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jaime said...

That is the coolest thing! Love that you did a tutorial - I love tutorials! I think this looks right up Connor's alley, thanks for doing it!


wow! that is so cool! what a great lesson idea!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

You are amazingly talented Kristal! You come up with such great ideas! Oh, and we missed you this last week. Honestly, it's so much more fun when you guys are there. We need more late night gamers around here!

AZSMITHS said...

What a cute idea! You are very creative. I'm sure the kids just loved it!

Kaci said...

WOW how friggin' neat-o! :) I love it! XOXOX

Kristal said...

My blog now has a Printables section! You can print off the Brother of Jared clip art page directly from there!

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