Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Macaroni & Cheese, If You Please!

Several people have asked me for my homemade mac & cheese recipe. Well, it's not mine; it's Betty Crocker's. But it is oh, so yummy! My kids beg for this meal, especially if I use shell pasta. Click HERE to get a copy.

I prefer sharp cheddar cheese, but will usually end up using whatever cheese I have, often combining medium and sharp cheddar and mozzarella.

I like to add Italian seasoned bread crumbs on top during baking. My dad likes crumbled Ritz crackers as a topping.

To freeze I follow the recipe but omit the baking; freeze (either in a bag or covered dish). Usually when making a freezer meal with pasta you would slightly under-cook it. I have not done that with this recipe and it has been fine. To cook, thaw completely, add whatever crumbly topping and bake as directed in the recipe.

In a hurry? Skip the box. Add some butter or margarine, a little milk, and shredded cheddar to the drained macaroni right on the stove. Stir until melted and you've got a quick version that's much healthier and much yummier than the boxed junk.

But what really makes MY mac & cheese the best is THIS. You must play or sing this song while cooking it. Seriously. In fact, I dare you not to once you've heard it.


Edie Keysar said...

OK I listened to the song, it's great but I 'm not singing it. I may play it though! Thanks for the recipe and the added tips.

Rachel said...

Yum that sounds delish! I am definately adding that to my recipe box! Thanks
Love your poem about voting! You are funny!

Jaime said...

I'll have to make this! Love homemade mac n cheese!

Wendy said...

You are too good!! If I am going to make my kids mac and cheese it will be from the box!

Kaci said...

I'm so hungry!

Heidi A. said...

Sounds delicious!
I have a recipe for Martha Stewarts Mac and Cheese but it calls for 7 cheeses! I like your idea better! Thanks!

And...thanks for the great comments you leave on my blog! You're amazing!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have a daughter who, no matter which restaurant we go to, orders mac and cheese. We tease her that when she goes to the senior prom and goes out to dinner she'll order mac and cheese. I'll definitely be trying this one!

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