Tuesday, September 16, 2008

B-Dawg's Blog

You see that cool kid over there? His name is Brandon. B-Dawg, actually (at least he tells me so.) He looks like his dad. He acts like his mom. That would be me, the dorky mom in the back doing the antlers . . . yes, apparently I am THAT mom.

Since he is a lot like me he is also a dork . . .er . . . does dorky things. Only he's 9 and a boy so it's actually cool (at least he tells me so.)

Like me, his friends are very important to him. With a possible move only a few months away he has already started to mope a little about leaving them behind. He knows he will make new friends very easily, but they probably won't be as cool (at least he tell me so.)

So I decided to impart my wisdom to this 9 year old male version of myself and rattled off all the ways he could keep in touch with his pals. Of course, he knew right away that the only suggestion that I've made work is blogging. So now B-Dawg has a blog.

He also loves to draw. He has a natural gift (at least he tells me so - and I wholeheartedly agree.) In a very non-9-year-old-boy move he has decided to actually TRY and be like me and is doing his own A-Z art posts!

One more way he is like his momma? He thrives on praise and has been checking those comment boxes and his survey everyday. . . except no one except his Grammie knows about it. But now you do too! So won't you check out B-Dawg's Blog and tell him just how unlike his mom he really is (and by that I mean, totally COOL!)


Anonymous said...

awesome!!! my daughter {who is 10} begged me for a blog last night!!!

i am still thinking about it, though :)

Krissy said...

Where are you guys moving to Kristal?? Back here? Closer to me? AGAIN?? PLEASE????? lol I'm still holding out for Maricopa one day. ;)

Edie Keysar said...

Talent seems to run in our family-Dad, you and Brandon are all great artists.

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