Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm sure there are all sorts of marketing ideas employed when a new, highly anticipated, long-awaited freeway opens. Here in Arizona we have a party right on the new road. Vendors set up booths and the public is invited to Rollerblade, skateboard, bike, or generally stroll around on the new asphalt the evening prior to allowing actual traffic on the road.

Thanks to my talented (probably one of the best promoters ever!) brother-in-law, Joe Coles, Utah is preparing to get off on the right foot for the opening of the Legacy Parkway (after many years and many battles - this IS a big deal! Google "Legacy Parkway" if you're interested in the back story.)

But instead of a skate party, Joe has put together a bike and running race {The Legacy Tour} to benefit the Hess Cancer Foundation, a non-profit that, among other things, provides financial assistance to families that lose a young child to cancer and aren't financially prepared for it. You can also find HFC working to educate the general public on this need as well as emphasizing the importance of physical fitness in the fight against cancer.

Watch the video below to remind you how blessed you are (I mean learn more about the HFC.)

So if you live in Utah or can get there for the September 13th race, go to the Legacy Tour website and sign up! Make sure your friends and family hear about it, too. Race, jog, walk, volunteer, or, if none of the above, show up and cheer everyone on!
top picture from www.tourlegacy.com

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Jaime said...

That is really cool. I had no idea that what the emails going back and forth and around the Colesherd were about. Way to go Joe! What a worthy cause.

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