Thursday, August 14, 2008

On a Date with Prince Charming?

Towards the end of our date last Friday a monsoon rolled in. We decided to finish our night by driving to the base of the mountain and watching the lightning come across the valley. It was amazing!

As we started to go home the frog you see below hopped across the road. Why did the frog cross the road? What do I care, really. . .Chris quickly got out a picked him up and put him in the car seat. The kids had a blast holding the frog and Elizabeth even kissed him. Alas, he was no prince so we had to let him go.

BONUS FOR ME: As I type this another monsoon is rolling in!


Here's a not-so-great short movie with clips from all the lightning we saw. My camera is not great at taking video with low lighting and it's really hard to film lightning - but at least the song is good! At the beginning you can see how much light there still was to the north and west. It wasn't quite night yet when the lightning started, but the storm clouds made it look like it was. Clicking on the thumbnail image below will take you to the movie at

jumpcut movie:Lightning Before A Monsoon

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