Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Word Fun

Some words, regardless of meaning, are just fun to say. Here's a sketch with some notably entertaining language (don't worry, even little ears can listen in!)

Do you have any favorite funny words? I've always been partial to palindrome. Oh, and of course, onomatopoeia!

"Bulbous Bouffant" by The Vestibules


The Farmer's Wife said...


I DO have a list of words that give me the "creeps":
1. Meal
2. Puncture
3. Bowels

That was funny.

So, whatever happened with the Young Women's fundraiser dinner and your sketch of President Monson? I'm in suspense, here!

azsmiths said...

How Funny.

I think my favorite word is...


I don't even know if I spelled it right, but I love to say it! :)

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